Monday, 8 March 2010

Before and After!!

As Mandy asked the question yesterday, I thought I would give you all a quick update!! We are nearly there, just a little work to be done on the brickwork inside and window cills to be fitted. Hubby, my dear father in law, my fab Uncle and dear friend Kev have all done so well. They have all worked so hard and in such awful weather conditions and as you can see, it has been
worth the wait!!
Before and After
Would you believe that they have an identical floor area, we used the exact same base for the new one................ I don't think the garden will ever recover!! Tango was in his pose for the camera mood!!
Take care everyone
Hugs Jo x


  1. Oh Jo you must be thrilled with it hunny, they've done a fab job, I bet you can't wait to get in there now. Thanks for sharing the piccy hun and Tango is a cutie
    hugs Mandy xx

  2. Looking good, you've been busy by the looks of it. Missed you.

    Hugs Lol xxx

  3. I didn't dare ask about the conservatory but it looks fab. Thanks for sharing the photos. I can see why you needed the change! Tango is such a poser. They do love to get in the photo don't they. Marianne x

  4. Hi Jo, I am sorry, I haven't had an email from you with your address so couldn't post it.
    It's still sitting in the drawer, I have been up to my eyes with everything lately, I am begining to wonder if DT work is worth the worry...
    It's creating so much pressure...I know it's my own stupid fault...and the pressure is my own making, I did wonder if I was being foolish taking them on as I have a real confidence problem...
    If you email me here

    with your address I will post it to you dear.

    I think I need to get a grip and stop taking everything so is after all supposed to be fun.
    Your conservatory looks fab...your house is pretty much like mine, our side building is a brick outhouse or coalroom, whatever they were called so we have our conservatory the whole legnth...I will send you a pic...

    Take care and speak to you soon


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