Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Beginning

After spending Saturday at Newbury Racecourse helping Wendy from Stamps and Memories, I decided that perhaps now is the right time to start a blog. Why I thought that I shall never know!! Name your blog posed the first problem! After many attempts and dismissing the name of "Senior Moments" that my daughter suggested, we finally got there. Now what to put on it? The initial idea was the cards that I have made, as the name suggests. Second problem, Wendy has my cards!! After searching the computer and the camera I have come up with 3,not brilliant but they will do for a start.

The first exploding box card was made for the 18th birthday of my cousin Emma, the first 2 layers of flaps were decorated with photographs of her from a baby to the middle photo of her now.

The second card was made for the 21st birthday of a work colleague, I decorated the flaps with messages from each member of staff in the office which I thought was a little bit different to all signing a card. The numbers and butterfly were attached to acetate strips and fed through the base.

Now my 3rd card for today is totally different. I just love my copic pens!! I attended a Copic class run by Karen Watson and Wendy Kadzidlo from Stamps and Memories a couple of months ago and now I am hooked!! I thoroughly recommend this if you get the chance. As you can guess the Retirement card is coloured with copic pens, the stamps that I have used are a combination of Retire in Style by Woodware and Shed by High Hopes. I was so pleased with the result.

Anyway enough for today must get back to crafting!!

Jo x

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